Green 8

Green 8 is a core Autism Spectrum Condition class. We are a mixed age class of five Year 1 and 2 pupils. The class is led by Miss Chloe Legg and supported by Debra Mather and Claire Moir

The classroom is a structured, low stimulus learning environment, with clear visual timetables, individual schedules and visual prompts displayed around the classroom to develop communication and independence. We have continual access to a calm room, which is a sensory-controlled calming area. The calm room is to provide a space for pupils to calm down and begin to use self-regulation skills. Pupils can choose to access this room if they require a quiet and calming space.

The pupils follow a modified National Curriculum to suit individual needs, allowing time to work on Social Communication and Emotional Regulations targets from the SCERTS programme. The pupils are taught 1:1 and within a small group, visuals are used to support access to the curriculum.

Playtimes are shared with children from a range of classes; this encourages lots of physical activity and opportunities to develop their social/communication skills