Our Curriculum

Underpinning the curriculum at Benton Dene School is the recognition of the needs of pupils through Individual Learning Plans (ILP). The curriculum offered is broad and balanced and has at its core the Primary Curriculum. However, we equally recognise and foster the personal, social and emotional development of our pupils. The development of social interaction and personal skills runs as a thread through all teaching and learning.

We believe that children learn more when they are motivated and interested. Throughout School, we use play and provide opportunities for children to participate in first hand experiences to support their learning. We wish to provide an environment where children can:

  • Explore to make sense of the world
  • Practise and develop ideas and skills
  • Develop an awareness of the need for rules
  • Develop social and interaction skills
  • Learn from their mistakes, therefore, take bigger risks
  • Develop confidence and independence skills

We aim to develop:

  • Pupil involvement in learning
  • The development of language and communication
  • Concrete learning experiences
  • The development of creativity and thinking skills
  • A positive attitude to learning whilst becoming active members of society

Steps are taken to ensure progression and continuity as pupils move through the school. Content and teaching styles are ‘age appropriate’ especially for older pupils who may still be at the earlier stages of learning.

All our pupils follow either the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum or full range of National Curriculum subjects through our specifically designed primary curriculum.

The curriculum allows for flexibility and creativity to capture learning that is both relevant and motivating for our pupils. The flexibility allows teachers to place greater emphasis on aspects of learning most relevant to their class. The use of specialist teaching spaces and outdoor learning to promote progress and achievement are key features of our approach to teaching and learning.

All areas of the curriculum are modified to allow greater access and increased relevance for our pupils. Work may be drawn from earlier years or Key Stage to ensure that learning is consolidated and that we are building on prior knowledge.

For further details on our curriculum, contactMrs Paddy Gray


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