Benton Dene School is a Foundation Special School and a member of the North Tyneside Learning Trust.

Benton Dene School is part of the Benton Dene Schools campus and works as part of the Longbenton Learning Community with Benton Dene Primary School and Longbenton Community College.

Benton Dene School is a 90 place school catering for the needs of pupils with complex Moderate Learning Difficulties or Autism Spectrum Condition who primarily live within North Tyneside. The children with ASC may not have a learning difficulty but require a learning environment specifically designed to meet their needs as a learner with ASC.

The school currently provides education from Reception to Year 6. In September 2012 the school will also provide specialist places and assessment for up to 8 part time nursery aged children with a diagnosis of ASC or who are within or likely to enter the diagnostic process for ASC.

At the present time, admission to the school can follow 3 routes:

  • Following a full statutory assessment of SEN by the Local Authority with Benton Dene School being the named provision in the Statement The headteacher will also be in agreement that the school can meet the needs of the pupil as identified in the Statement
  • Following the approach by another Local Authority to North Tyneside to request a place at Benton Dene School. The place would be discussed with North Tyneside Local Authority in the first instance before moving forward to a possible admission
  • For a period of assessment requested by the Local Authority SARS team. This may include pupils new to the Local Authority who have an identified need but no documentation or pupils whose placements in a mainstream setting is at risk and their needs appearing to fall within those met at Benton Dene School. The pupil transfers onto the roll of the school during the assessment period. The length of the assessment period is negotiated with the Local Authority but will usually be 6 months. The outcome of the assessment may be that the child remains at Benton Dene School or that they move to another appropriate provision as identified by the Local Authority. The number of places available for assessment is not determined and takes account of our ability to meet the continuing needs of the pupils in a class whilst carrying out the assessment work requested

Admission to the nursery places from September 2012 is under discussion with the Local Authority. The practice and procedures will be added to this document as soon as they are finalised.

There can be no admissions to Benton Dene School outside these identified routes.

Admissions procedure:

  • Once a place has been proposed, parents or carers will have the opportunity to meet with the Headteacher and tour the school. This is often facilitated by a member of the SARS team
  • If a place is requested, an admission date will then be agreed with the Local Authority and the child’s family
  • No child will be admitted without them having visited the school with their parent or carer. During this visit, the child will meet their teacher and visit the classroom that they will be placed in
  • A transition plan will then be agreed with the parents or carers
  • School will complete any necessary paperwork for school transport and inform the child’s current school of the proposed start date
  • Parents will need to complete relevant paperwork for school before admission can take place
  • Classroom staff will ensure that all elements of classroom routines and structures are in place for the first day of admission