Benton Dene Schools

Benton Dene Schools

Blue 6

 Summer 1 and 2:

This term Blue 6 will be learning about:

English: The Magic Box in Summer 1 and Greek Myths in Summer 2

Maths: Measure, Geometry, Number, Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Fractions, Time

Geography: Where does our food come from?

History: Ancient Greece

Science: Life cycles in Summer 1 and Changing Materials in Summer 2

P.E. Cricket in Summer 1 and Athletics in Summer 2

R.E. Christianity

ICT: Making our own computer game using Kodu

PHSE: Growing up

Challenge and Development/Enterprise: Geo-cashing/Murals

What will Home-School Learning look like in Blue 6?

This half term we are focusing where we are in the world and where could we go in Geography. There will therefore be a work booklet for this half term. We ask that children complete at least 5 pieces of work/activities over the course of the half term. There are formal pieces of learning, alongside active learning opportunities including practical activities based around the topic. We will include a list of ideas for you to work on with your child.

We will also send home reading books each night and ask that you read with your child during the week.

How can you share your child’s home-school learning with us?

  • Send back any worksheets/activities/art work to school.
  • Put videos and/or photographs onto See Saw (through the message section).

Exciting news!! 

Two of our tadpoles are now froglets! We have little arms and legs. The children were very excited about this. We also have a new digital microscope which we have been trying out to get close up shots of the froglets. 

Tadpole update

Two of them now have very small legs as well as eyes now. It is very exciting watching them change into froglets.

Blue 6 have been finding out where different items come from in the world. We are plotting the locations on our map. 

Today we created our own geocaching plan for another class. We then went and found our own geocach in the blue zone yard. 

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Blue 6 wrote letters to Sir David Attenburgh and Chris Packham to tell them all about our work on saving the planet. We were very lucky to get a letter back from David Attenburgh and receive this video message from Chris Packham giving us some very useful advice about what else we can do. 

Cosy Wednesday in B6

Blue 6 are nurturing a tank with tag poles in it. They are eagerly monitoring their progress. Check in regularly as we update the photos. 

Tadpoles, week 2

Blue 6 have had a lovely time taking part in our Challenge and Development afternoon. We had to find the location using clues provided to get the letters. We then had to unscramble the letters to see if we could find out where the treasure was hidden!

Spring 2021