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Benton Dene Schools

Green 7

What will Home-School Learning look like in Green 7?

Summer Term 2021

We will send home reading books and green and red words each night. We ask that you read with your child during the week, sometimes we may send cut up sentences from the book for your child to read and put together. 

We will be sending home spellings for your child to practise. We will send an alphabet arc home so your child can make the words. 

This half term our English Talk 4 Writing book is ‘Farmer Duck’ it would be great if you could retell this story with your child. We are also looking at rhyming in ‘A squash and a squeeze’. 

We are also working really hard on our writing and letter formation. We will send home letters to practise writing, your child can trace these with their finger, copy write them or write them independently. You could practise forming the letters in sensory materials such as rice, foam, sand, mud. It would be great if you could practise writing using a writing tool (please let us know if you need any resources/ pens/ paper and we will try our best to get it). 

Putting on our coat and shoes - we are working hard on putting on our coats and shoes independently and fastening them up.

How can you share your child’s home-school learning with us?

  • Please send back any worksheets/activities/art work to school.
  • You can also put videos and/or photographs onto See Saw (through the message section).

Summer 2021 photos